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Use Cog to manage your infrastructure, support peer learning, and conduct collaborative research at the same time, right from chat. Cog is easy to install and simple to operate while remaining powerful enough to handle complex enterprise workflows.

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How does Cog measure up?

ChatOps solutions like Cog vary in how they are built, what chat platforms they work on, and how they handle security. Here is how Cog measures up to Hubot and Lita. ErrBot and YetiBot are soon to follow. This comparison table is a work in progress, so if there is additional information you are interested in seeing compared OR if there are corrections that need to be made, please let us know.




Chat Connectivity

Slack Yes Yes Yes
HipChat Yes Yes Yes
IRC No Yes Yes


Interaction Model Unix CLI Conversational Conversational
Pipeline Support Yes No No
Supported Languages Any Coffeescript, JS Ruby
Webhook Triggers Yes Yes Yes
Presence-based Events No Yes Yes


Command Isolation Isolated Shared Shared
Command Execution Separate process; Docker Container Embedded Embedded
Fine Grained ACLs Yes No No
Audit Log Yes No No


HA Command Execution Yes No No
Command Deployment Docker image; Config Mgmt npm package; script file Ruby gem; script file
Data Storage Postgres Redis (for persistence by default) Redis (default)
Management Interface Chat, CLI (cogctl), REST APIs TBD API