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"Cog was built for real work, not cat pictures."

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Deployment is step one

DevOps shouldn't stop when your application gets deployed. ChatOps helps you automate all of your workflow so that you can use the same tools to solve problems that you use to develop and deploy your applications and infrastructure every day. And with Cog, it's easy to build new workflows using whatever programming language you want.

It's dangerous to go alone...

Leave the heroines and heroes to the comic books; DevOps is all about teamwork. ChatOps makes your work visible and collaboration effortless. Product managers can see when a new build is deployed, your support team can see when you have a production problem, and your engineering team can see the steps you're taking to troubleshoot. Not only can your team view what's going on, they can actively participate in the solution, design, or management. All of this in the same chat window you already use to collaborate every day.

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Cog was built for real work, not cat pictures. Strong access controls and audit logging let you automate even the most sensitive tasks, securely. Unix-style command pipelines let you combine Cog commands on the fly to solve new problems without having to write new code. And that's just the beginning.

Team Workflow

Who says you can't teach an old Cog new tricks?

Cog brings your DevOps workflow right into chat. Choose from a growing selection of existing command bundles or easily build your own to make your work collaborative by default. Cog makes access control, audit logging, and bundle installation a breeze so you can focus on your real work.

Getting work done with Cog.

Now with Enterprise Teams

Cog Console
User Interface

Manage Cog with cogctl from the command line, or the new Cog Console user interface from your browser. Cog Console was built to help give you a visual representation of all your Cog parts and pieces. Tips, documentation, and tutorials built into Cog Console make management of Cog efficient.